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StrangeSearch 4 beta 8.1
[ss400b8] - Released 11.13.2002


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Current Version (updated 11.13.2002)

I just put up SS4 Beta 8.1 -- it fixes the problem many people were having adding files to their database.

Previous Version

StrangeSearch 4 beta 8 was just released (10.27.2002)

This version brings back two good features from SS3.x that got left out in the big transition to StrangeSearch 4: random searching, and including the machine name in the search.

It also includes some requested features to make your databases more accurate -- the ability to flag Manforce certain computers to index more or less frequently, and a special "indexer" login and password for FTP sites. 

Changes since ss400b71:
- Random ordering of search results
- Machine name is searched
- Interrupted Ping cycles restart where they left off
- Fixed bug in deleting Listener Threads
- Indexer, Pinger, Searcher windows in SS4 Tray now print with timestamps
- Ability to specify seperate login/password for indexing FTP sites
- Ability to set different index frequencies for different machines
- Fixed bug in HTML results that would produce incorrect "Resume..." links in browsers other than Internet Explorer

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StrangeSearch is released under the GPL version 2.