Current Version
StrangeSearch 4 beta 8.1
[ss400b8] - Released 11.13.2002


About StrangeSearch
About StrangeSearch

What is StrangeSearch?
StrangeSearch is a community file-indexing program. It searches publicly shared files and FTP sites, and then provides users with a web search engine to link to the files.

StrangeSearch is not a file-sharing program in itself. It is simply a search engine for other shared resources.

What kind of networks does StrangeSearch work on?
StrangeSearch currently supports two types of networks:

  • Shared Files: using NetBIOS, Samba, or Windows Networking. This option works best for LANs (such as universities) and that have a WINS server running
  • FTP Sites: any FTP sites

What is StrangeSearch suited for?
StrangeSearch is ideal for internal network environments, such as LANs at universities and colleges. It is also ideal for groups of people who wish to share files among themselves with an easy search capability.

How can I get StrangeSearch / Is it Open Source?
StrangeSearch (binaries and source) is publicly available for any non-profit use (download link at right). It is released under the GNU Public License, which means you are free to use the source code and modify it for non-commercial purposes. For full information, please read the GPL.

So, you can download and run StrangeSearch on your own organization's network. If you do run it, please post in the forums or email, just so we have an idea of usage. If you are interested in helping out with the OpenSource development, please visit our project on SourceForge.

StrangeSearch History
The original StrangeSearch was launched at Iowa State University in 1998. ISU had (and continues to have) a thriving internal network of NetBIOS file sharing, and StrangeSearch was originated as a utility to find and retrieve files more easily. The original StrangeSearch is still in operation at ISU, and during the school year indexes thousands of computers and nearly 7 terabytes of data.

StrangeSearch is Copyright 1998-2002 Dan Dunham and Jeremy Davis.
OpenSource StrangeSearch hosted by SourceForge.

StrangeSearch is released under the GPL version 2.